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I can't say enough about Nancy. My ex-wife is a lawyer, and when she demanded sole custody of our young daughter, I didn't think I stood a chance. Boy was I wrong. Nancy got me the exact joint custody arrangement that I wanted. And she cost so much less than I expected. I now am able to participate in my daughter's life like I never expected. Nancy really cares. -SB Laplace

Is your marriage headed for divorce? Are you wondering what the future may hold and how your divorce may be settled? At the Nancy K Durant Office, we can provide answers to these questions and others regarding divorce.

Divorce or child custody disputes are highly emotional events that require a compassionate and experienced family law attorney to cut through the hurt feelings and negotiate an equitable, cost-effective agreement in good faith with your former partner. While we prefer a negotiated solution, Nancy is an experienced trial attorney who can protect your rights before a judge if necessary.

Serving clients in Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge, and other New Orleans area communities, Nancy understands every aspect of Louisiana family law, which is extremely complex and laden with pitfalls for the uninformed.

Contact your New Orleans Family Law attorney, Nancy Durant today to schedule an initial consultation regarding your divorce. Nancy can guide you throughout the divorce process in plain language that you can understand.

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  • Child Custody

    Louisiana child custody laws are complex and confusing, with the state recognizing several distinct, yet in some cases partially overlapping, types of custody.

  • Relocation

    Many parents are surprised to learn that the Louisiana laws prevent even the custodial parent from relocating a minor child outside the state — or even more than 75 miles away within Louisiana — without the consent of the other parent or the courts.

  • Visitation

    Visitation rights can be a very touchy subject, especially when two parents are deeply estranged from one another.

  • Child and Spousal Support

    Child support and spousal support are distinct and separate financial arrangements, and yet the two are often illogically linked in the minds of former partners after a separation or divorce.